For natural remedy:

            The whole world is looking towards the natural world for all its purposes these days. In the past decades, there has been a sort of awakening that has happened among the mainstream society which has triggered the slant towards using natural products for many purposes. In the areas of beauty, in healthcare, and in the preparation of certain medicinal formulations, the natural based oils and other parts of plants have been used. These are natural products and cause no side effects and are quite effective and suit the natural make up of the individuals. Many doctors prescribe these natural products these days because of the good effects that they provide. The most wanted among these products are for skin care and hair care. People have this idea that they should have great hair which looks awesome and their skin to look smooth, shiny, and also supple. The sun is a big contributor to various skin and hair related problems as the harmful ultra violet rays damage the skin and hair when you walk in the sun without the right protection.

The treatment:

            Here is where the importance of oil from castor becomes known as it is considered for many chemical formulations as well like the tanning lotion, moisturizing lotion and the hair care serum which is a lot thicker than oil itself. This adds shine to the hair and reduces the amount of fine lines and wrinkles that appear as a symptom of the ageing process. But one can reverse this situation by applying the castor oil to beauty routine such as in your face lotions, or your hair oil. It can be combined with other oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and others which ever you feel is suitable for you. Once you apply this oil, it gets absorbed quickly and there is no trace of the oil forming a yucky surface on your skin. The proportion of the oil can be reduced or increased to match with your skin and hair type.


Glowing skin:

            When the oil is applied on to the face, it adds a shine to the skin which was looking dull and lifeless and it also cleans off the skin by removing the dirt and grime that tends to settle inside the pores of the facial skin. There are many ways to use the oil and you can use for the whole body as well. The oil has to be bought from a tried and tested brand which can deliver the results and not just claim that it does all of it for you. It adds luster and completely improves the complexion and cleans it thoroughly. In certain cultures, the oil is used also for digestive purposes as a laxative and as a very important ingredient to clean the gut.

Shiny hair:

            Hair growth is a problem for many people and the use of chemical shampoos and other hair wash products wear down the hair and the hair becomes lifeless and also very brittle and weak. This can be changed by including the castor oil to your hair care routine. Not only does the scalp gets healthy, it cures dandruff, it makes blood supply to the scalp better, and it protects the hair from going weak too soon. Many do not like the idea of oiling their hair as it might give you the appearance of an ancient uncivilized person. But how good is grey hair on a teenage girl? So, oil from castor is the best remedy for all your hair care as well as eye brows and eye lashes.

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