How the going gets touch with heart burn during pregnancy

During the course of pregnancy heartburn poses to be a common problem. But most women tend to suffer from heartburn on and off during the course of pregnancy. In some cases it does increase in frequency and you might find it difficult to handle. So heartburn meds during pregnancy is very common, but on a lighter note it should be avoided as far as possible because it may cause harm to the developing baby. One of the major causes for heartburn is that the baby is growing and it does put pressure on the stomach.

How heartburn can be prevented

The following points should be kept in mind

  • Ideally the intake of your food should be in small portions and you should not indulge in large sized meals
  • You should lie down immediately after a meal
  • Any type of alcohol or drinks with caffeine intake in the form of coffee, tea or cola needs to be avoided
  • When you sleep ensure that the baby is in a tilted position. The head should be raised high
  • Simple medicines in the form of magnesium trisilicate can be taken. They are not considered to be harmful on any count. You would need to be aware of the fact that heart burn during the course of pregnancy cannot be avoided. Most of the women tend to face it, but you can reduce it to a considerable measure with proper mechanisms in place.

The definition of heartburn and how it gets aggravated

Before preceding ahead you would need to understand what is heartburn and how does it get aggravated. The digestive juices from the stomach splash up to the gullet which in turn does cause a burn sensation and this is behind the breastbone. In the language of a layman it is known as heartburn. It does occur in the last stages of pregnancy when the size of the baby becomes big to put pressure on the abdomen.

But heartburn during the course of pregnancy can be prevented by having a dietary plan in place. First and foremost foods that cause heartburn needs to be avoided. It would mean no oily or fried foods. It would mean that processed or high fat foods can lead to the problem as well. An effective tip to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy is to carry a chewing gum at all times. Since the gum helps in salivating, it does reduce the amount of the production of acid caused by heartburn. Pregnancy infections medicine is also available which does help you to keep a tab on the infections.

It has to be said that the body of a woman undergoes a lot of hormonal or physical changes. All this may trigger to heartburn. But do not scare yourself with all the information on heartburn. It is easy to get rid of it as there are lot of information in the online websites. Numerous pregnancy websites may come to your rescue as well.