Say Cheers to Christmas with Delicious Delicacies

Christmas is undoubtedly the most amazing time for family get-togethers or friend’s reunion.  During this time, individuals share their warmth and heart with their loved ones.  Well, Christmas is not just about warmness but deliciousness too. You can experience plenty of scrumptious dishes and eatables. You can munch on tangy beverages and snacks.

Even if you are not really good at cooking and want some help, you can check out recipes like Soya chaap recipe in Hindi. This way, no matter what you are planning to cater, you can come up with it with utmost merriment. After all, your friends and guests should love your hospitality. You can try out the following dishes for this Christmas and leave your loved ones amazed at your delicious dishes choice and preparations.

Dundee Cake

Talking about this Dundee cake, it is a popular traditional Scottish fruit cake having a rich flavour. This cake is mostly prepared with sultanas, currants, and almonds.  Sometimes, people also add fruit peel to it. The top of this scrumptious cake is usually decorated with the concentric circles of dry fruits like almonds. It can be a perfect option for your Christmas treat.

Rich Donuts

Talking about Donuts, these are deep-fried pastries that are prepared from the dough.  There are different types of donuts available and some of them are prepared with cream or jelly in the middle.  Most of the donuts characteristically have holes in the middle. These donuts not just look beautiful and enchanting but they are scrumptious and finger licking too. If your Christmas time is going to be having kids and youngsters; these donuts will set the stage. You can go for different flavors too but donuts are especially dipped in chocolate! And it is not that only kids can enjoy the donuts to the fullest; even the old people can have the most of them. After all, these donuts are absolutely soft and scrumptious.


When there is a celebration or a treat, you cannot forget about puddings. These puddings are absolutely scrumptious, filling and overwhelming. You can be as specific as you want to be in your pudding dish. You can go for fruit pudding, Butterscotch pudding, chocolate pudding, dry fruit rich pudding and many other types of puddings. You can make it as rich as you want it to be.

Prawn pepper garlic

You can also go for this delicious prawn dish. It is filled with Tomato, Onion, and Coconut. It is a brilliant dish that is cooked in coconut, onion, and tomato and tamarind sauce. You can experience different spices melting in your mouth and tang slipping down your stomach. The flavour and fragrance of this dish are absolutely scrumptious. Since it is a garlic dish, you can use the garlic as per the taste. So, this is a rich dish wrapped in spices and garlic. It will be a good move to make it a part of your Christmas celebration.


So, there are plenty of dishes, eatables, snacks, and beverages out there that can set the stage for your Christmas. Make the most of spices, tang, and fragrances and win the heart of your guests.

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