Product legitimacy and research skills go hand in hand


Our bodies have a natural way of growing, this is made possible by the HGH or Human Growth Hormone which is supplied by the pituitary gland and is responsible for the growth of our height, development of our muscles, physique, strength, and endurance, among other things. The problem bodybuilders and athletes face is that when we grow older, our bodies tend to slow down production of HGH, therefore, making it harder to have more gains just by exercising and having a daily routine.

This is why more and more athletes are turning towards synthetic HGH to provide them with the muscle growth that they need. These bodybuilders and athletes tend to get their supply from online sources but how can they be certain that the HGH they are getting is legit or not? Thankfully there is an identified list of fake HGH that will help these lost souls find their way… to the right supplier.

Tempting benefits

Since the benefits of synthetic HGH like the development of bone strength, enzyme production enhanced healing and recovery among other things are so tempting, people especially bodybuilders and athletes tend to lean towards buying the said supplement. In which case, there are a lot of online sites that are taking advantage of this opportunity and selling them fake or counterfeit products that might not even work at all just to gain money off of these unsuspecting people.

It’s risky business.

When buying HGH online, bodybuilders and athletes alike subject themselves to the risk of getting fake, counterfeit or even worse, contaminated HGH products by turning to sites or sources that might market something as HGH but in reality are just hormone precursors or regular dietary supplements, in which case it is very important to do a little bit of research before buying first to minimize or totally avoid the risk of getting useless products.

Can fake HGH have similar effects to real HGH?

It actually depends on the ingredients of the compound. Somatotropin isn’t the real thing but it isn’t a fake either. It is a synthetic form of HGH that is produced to replace the natural HGH in one’s body and is just as effective as the real thing.

While there’s that, there are other products coming from less reputable sources that are marketed as HGH and usually, you would be able to know if they are fake when they don’t really have any effect on your body.

Spotting the difference

Usually, you can already identify which is which just by looking at the price tag. Legitimate HGH injections usually cost up to thousands of dollars and would require a prescription. The ones available at the black market can be sold for as low as 30usd. This in itself can make you differentiate between legit and fake. Although as mentioned above, just because it’s fake, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. There are some fake HGH products that actually do work and these are usually sold by reliable sources in the black market.

Buying fake HGH might subject you to certain risks such as the products not really working or more severe side effects. If able, have a home HGH test kit at the ready just in case you aren’t really sure about the product. Just like any other online transaction, it also helps a lot to do a bit of research about the manufacturer and seller first before jumping in. make sure you are getting your supply from a reputable source to avoid problems.