Mind says “No” but heart says “Yes”

Getting oscillations for having a drink? A drink is not going to spoil you but drinks will become your enemy. Relating to drinking alcohol can become serious issues when they are consumed in larger amounts. The alcoholism and low testosterone are the terms which specify drinking alcohols in often. Drinking is not a sin unless it badly affects you and your surroundings. Let us see what the effects of alcoholism are.

What is alcohol?

Alcohol is just a chemical mixture which can give booze to your senses. It is considered as one of the social activity when it comes to formal manner. You must be pretty sure about what the chemical compound you are consuming is and what are the good as well as bad effects of them. By having a clear idea about the drink on your table you will not be pushed into alcoholism or any addiction issues. The more information of alcohol can make you consume the drink in formal manner.

Effects of alcohol

It is one of the worst conditions of alcohol which decreases the testosterone levels. In happens only when you are taking alcohol as a whole diet. Yes those people are given a name too. They are often called as drunkard, boozers and many more. The chemical compound ethanol is present in high amounts of alcohol. This chemical can cause lower testosterone and make your body unfit for reproductive purposes. If you really want your body to get worse, then you can surely start stacking dozens of alcohol.

A warning note

You may not know about your drinking levels. As an initial warning note, consuming too much of alcohol will create mouth ulcers as well as stomach ulcers. At this stage you much surely stop because it can lead to the biggest enemy called lower testosterone. It is hard to control alcoholism after you are totally into it. The state in which you cannot survive without taking a sip is called alcoholism. You must be aware that getting addicted to alcohols will cause so many troubles for you and your peer.

Make sure and take care

It is you who controls your cravings for drinking alcohol. So make sure it is only you and not alcohol. You can drink a small glass for a day with your regular diet which will never cause any trouble for you. You can stay healthy by drinking some little amounts of alcohol. Some little levels in your diet will protect you from many heart related disease. So make sure and take care of your drinking plan.

Don’t drink every day because it will create an urge to intake some amount on routine basis. You can create a mindset of drinking little glasses for a month and stick on to your mindset. You have to eat well when you are drinking alcohol. Eating less and drinking more is also very bad. Make sure that you are not consuming raw levels of alcohol because it may burn your soft tissues of inner organs. Try to a healthy diet and have good vitamin supplements and occasionally have a drink.