Malaysia will be holding some of the best and exciting gym events and fitness news this 2018

Physical fitness has always been a worldwide trend, and with the huge number of participants that keeps on adding up as the days goes by, physical fitness routines and regime has gained a new perception all over the world. It does not only promote stability in health, but it also promotes longevity and physical reinforcement, not to mention the various activities and possible acquaintances an individual can experience while doing their workout routines. In Malaysia, gym events and fitness news has become a new trend, and in this article we will check out 2018 exciting gym events and fitness news in Malaysia. 

Celebrity Fitness: The website

Celebrity Fitness is an international gym that promotes a huge list of various physical fitness routines, which includes regular work out, dance physical fitness exercise, and group fitness programs which promotes healthy, fun and lively way of life. With their team of highly-trained and exceptionally skilled team, rest assured that enrolling at Celebrity Fitness will surely make you feel and look sensational with their physical fitness programs.

They specialize in creating a fun and lively environment which makes physical fitness and daily fitness routines more enjoyable and fun. Giving each of their customers a lively environment, giving them the adrenaline and thrill they need to execute every fitness training programs.

A free trial of 2 weeks is given to any individual who wanted to experience their promos and offers, clicking here will directly portal you through their website which allows the user to schedule a session. Celebrity fitness is located in three different countries namely: Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. The website also provides a full list of all of their gym locations all over these countries, providing an individual the help in finding the nearest Celebrity Fitness club near them.

Their website also features lists of their daily, weekly and monthly fitness events and news. These are labeled by month and day, providing an easy guide on what to expect in the next couple of days or months with their exciting and thrilling fitness events and programs.

Synergy 02 // Dance

One of their famous offer is the Synergy 02 // Dance program, an all out fitness regime which incorporates different types of dance moves. This allows an individual to train, burn those fats, while having fun. Synergy 02 // Dance is available for everyone and can be obtained by enrolling at Celebrity Fitness. 

Promos and Rewards

Celebrity Fitness also offer their newest promo: the Slay it Together Promo which allows a member to win specific rewards like flasks, socks, pouch, and gym bags for free just by bringing their friends to come over and participate in any of the club’s activities.


With these exciting treats, promos and programs, training yourself to be physically fit will always be fun, exciting and thrilling with Celebrity Fitness. If you are going to check out 2018 exciting gym events and fitness news in Malaysia, check Celebrity Fitness, and experience their outstanding programs and offers.