How can you say that the average T levels were higher??

Testosterone is a powerful hormone produced in the male testes. The individuals can know about the testosterone results on determining with what a person is referred to when are the topical injections or ointments are used as a part of the treatment plan. This is considered as a primary male hormone that is responsible for providing sex characteristics in males. This is also produced in a very small amount in the ovaries of the women. This is also a hormone produced by different glands found in the endocrine system.

The individuals can get to know, whether the average T levels were higher or not by taking a blood test on the recommendation of a doctor, so as to check the level of testosterone or hormones in the body. The production, secretion and the level of the testosterone are maintained and controlled by the pituitary gland located in the brain. This is why it is known as the master gland. The levels of testosterone have an impact on the mood, as the estrogen produced also have an effect on the mood of females.

This hormone is also responsible for supporting the maturation of the sperm as well as its reproductive development. This can even affect hair loss and influence prostate growth. The testosterone also has the ability to influence the way the energy is stored in the body, the level of glucose, sugar, potassium or other fluids. These hormones can produce huge results in the body of an individual. The pituitary gland releases a luteinizing hormone if the level of testosterone is low. This hormone sends instructions to the testes to synthesize testosterone.

The charts for the normal level of hormones are based on the age, levels off in the late teens, early adulthood, etc. The normal level range found in males is about 3000 to 1000 mg per deciliter. The individuals can observe a decline in the level of hormones at an age of 30s or 40s. The individuals taking testosterone in the form of ointment as well as injections may observe positive results when it comes to the increasing level of testosterone. This is recommended by the doctors not to use this product for the enhancement of performance by the athletes.

This may not be true in the case of taking testosterone for weight loss, increased endurance, muscular growth, stamina, etc. The individuals can get to know about the low levels of testosterone with the below-mentioned list of symptom, including:

  • Unexplained increase in the body fat
  • Lack of interest in formerly enjoyable activities
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Decrease in the muscle mass or tone
  • Mood swings
  • Depression, etc.

This hormone has an impact on the physical, emotional as well as mental wellness of an individual. If the average T levels were higher, the users may experience unwanted side effects and adverse reactions. The decline in the level of testosterone in aging men is often referred to as male menopause, similar to women experiencing symptoms of low estrogen.

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