Know all about Fluoxymesterone for bodybuilding cycles

The generic name used for the steroid of Halotestin is Fluoxymesterone. If you talk to a bodybuilder, they will add an ‘e’ to the end of the name for pronouncing it. The potency of the steroid is immense at least with regard to the ratings given by bodybuilders. The drug is rated by bodybuilders with regard to the anabolic properties of the drug; the ratio of anabolic and androgenic is 1900/850.

You might want to know how Fluoxymesterone is a bodybuilding steroid and its relationship with testosterone is the ratio of 100/100. We will tell you all about it in here. Read through our review to know if you can use the drug for bodybuilding or not.

Reviews of Fluoxymesterone

The drug Fluoxymesterone or Halotestin is usually called Halo by fitness experts. It is considered to be one of the most potent drugs sold in the market. Despite the benefits of it being free from water retention, halo is toxic to the liver and must not be used in high dosages. The drug causes extreme fatigue along with the quick spike in red blood cell count, which impedes sleep and process of workouts.

The Fluoxymesterone drug is quite common for treating low levels of testosterone in men. It has treated puberty issues in men along with problems like female breast neoplasms. However, as the drug is classified as an androgen, the function and mechanism of action work towards targeting and binding androgen receptors. This is the reason why it is called an androgen receptor agonist that works towards triggering the activities of androgens.

An androgen is a form of the male hormone that works towards developing and maintaining male sex characteristics. It also improves anabolism of proteins, reduces catabolism of amino acids, and improves retention of chemical balances like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. It restricts estrogen receptors.

Due to the ability of Fluoxymesterone for inhibiting estrogen receptors, it could treat breast cancer for women. It also gives one of the most important benefits for bodybuilders and athletes who look for steroids.

Estrogen and testosterone balances

Before you use anabolic steroids, you need to know the importance of the potential of anabolic and androgenic activities. The primary sex hormone of testosterone helps men produce small amounts of estrogen for counterbalancing the effects of the drug. The sex hormone of estrogen is the main for women, and they also less tiny amounts of testosterone for counterbalancing it. When you take a strong steroid for anabolic and androgenic properties, the levels of estrogen goes on increasing. The higher the level of the drug is in our blood, the more the levels of estrogen. This leads to men having gynecomastia, abdominal bloating and water retention.

The drug of Fluoxymesterone is a bodybuilding steroid that also comes with medical properties. However, it is highly potent and comes with several disadvantages or health issues possibilities. You have to be careful about its usage so that you don’t go overboard with it.