A Basic Overview of the Pathology Labs

We all take care of our health by taking a nutritious diet, doing exercise and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Whenever someone asks us about our health, we come up with the obvious answer that we are hale and hearty. However, our health can decline with time, and the best way to prevent is by undergoing certain tests on a regular basis so that you can keep illness and diseases at bay.

Well, now you don’t need to go through the pain of finding the Best Diagnostic Labs in Vaishali and booking the tests.

There are many online sites which provide complete and accurate information about the nearby Pathology Labs along with the list of tests they offer. Also, they offer you the ease and convenience of booking the tests online or telephonically without any hassle.

How do the Online Portals Help You Find the Best nearby Pathology Lab?

We all would agree to the fact that Internet has made our lives easier. Anything and everything is available on the Internet these days. There are many online sites which have made the procedure of lab tests booking very easy for the users.

These online sites provide specific and correct information about the Diagnostic Centres and assist you in finding the best lab according to Proximity, Timings, Mode of Payment, Report Delivery Options and Rates. Customers can easily book the tests online or telephonically and can also avail attractive discounts. The best part is that these portals allow users to compare rates of different Pathology Labs and find the best price for the test.

No false information is listed on the online sites. These portals have rich information on Pathology labs and Doctors and ensure that the information is constantly updated by their team of well-experienced professionals.

Best Diagnostic Labs in Vaishali

Key Features of the Pathology Labs

  1. Offering Home Collection of Sample Facility

One of the best features of the Pathology Labs is that they provide home collection of sample facility. Now the patients do not need to go out of their comfort level for the Blood Tests. They can simply book the Blood Tests online or telephonically, and the lab professional will come to your home to collect the sample.

  1. Tests at Discounted Price

We all get excited when we get Discounts. You can find numerous labs in Ghaziabad offering attractive Discounts on tests and Health Packages.

  1. Quick Delivery of Reports

There are many Advanced Diagnostics in Vaishali, Ghaziabad which ensure delivery of test reports in 24 hours. These labs are highly proficient and allow patients to collect the reports from the lab any time without paying anything extra. Moreover, some advanced labs also provide the reports online through email.

  1. Easy Payment Modes

Advanced Diagnostic Centres provide options like Debit Card and Credit Card to keep the payment method easy for the customers.

  1. Full Body Check Up Packages Offered

Some health conditions require patients to go for more than one test. Needless to say, everyone might not be able to afford the cost of each test individually. And that is why; many labs offer Full Body Checkup Packages which include a number of tests at an affordable rate.

The bottom line is that Pathology Labs play a significant role in providing complete information about the nearby Labs and make it much easier for the users to book the tests. So, don’t wait now and go for a Health Checkup in nearby lab. Live a hail and hearty life.


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Need for Kidney Transplant When One Has Kidney Disease

India is developing into a centre for medical tourism. People for foreign countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Africa, and Pakistan come here for a variety of reasons.

Onset of kidney failure

The need for a kidney transplant is the kidney failure or end stage kidney disease. The bean shaped organs on both sides of the spine at the back of the abdomen are the kidneys. Large renal blood vessels bring blood to these kidneys and the kidney filters the blood through the millions of small filters called nephrons.

High cost of kidney transplant

The cost of kidney transplant in India is between Rs 2 lakhs and Rs 3 lakhs, which is beyond the reach of most of the low-income groups. So, if their kidney fails, they die a slow and painful death. However, a few government hospitals offer inexpensive kidney transplant surgery. These surgeries cost only Rs 65,000. The same treatment costs $84,200 in the US.

Work done by the kidney and reasons for kidney disease

The action of the kidneys includes the filtering of the waste products. These waste products pass out of the body along with the urine. At times, due to disease, the nephrons become damaged and lose their ability to filter the waste products from the body. When this reaches 90%, the person is said to have end stage kidney disease.

Kidney Transplant

The common reasons for the onset of kidney diseases include these:

High blood pressure: Kidney disease occurs when the person has high blood pressure. The high pressure in the tiny vessels leads to damage of the nephrons. This disrupts the filtering process.

Inherited condition: One of the inherited conditions is polycystic kidneys. This condition occurs when large gaps or cysts form within the kidney. This stops the normal functioning of the kidney.

Immune diseases: Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a condition where the immune system of the body fails to recognise the kidney as a part of the body and begins to attack it.

Diabetes: Due to the high blood sugar, damage occurs in the kidneys. This disease is called diabetic nephropathy and inevitably leads to kidney failure.

Renal artery stenosis: These are the blockages in the arteries that bring the blood to the kidneys. When the blockages occur, it leads to end stage renal disease.

Congenital problems: You may have a problem with the development of the kidneys from birth. You do not see the problem until the renal disease develops fully.

Foreigners look to India

When foreigners need a kidney transplant, they look to India for their surgery. This is due to the low kidney transplant cost in India and the excellent medical facilities. The disease has a solution and you must implement it at once. The pertinent solution is to use a dialysis to filter the waste from the blood.

Another solution is kidney transplant and this is a better option. The reason is that you do not have to keep going to the hospital to do the dialysis. In addition, the expenses connected with the dialysis are absent. You have more time to yourself and this makes your life freer.

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