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Highly recommended hair Treatment Method for Hair Re-growth

Hair loss is a mutual problem especially as individual getting older. Averagely, individuals shed 50 to 100 strands of hair each day. It is normal to shed hairs unless it becomes excessive than the rate of regrowth. If you’ve been experiencing an excessive hair loss, here are highly recommended hair scalp treatment by hair treatment in Singapore that can greatly help to minimize the rate of hair loss:

Scalp Combing and massage

Scalp therapy or treatment is the latest but effective natural therapy that can cure numerous aesthetic problems and disorders. Among the common application of this therapy is on stem cell for hair regrowth. Stem cell therapy is basically used to treat balding. It is a common problem that normally affects both men and women, but since the advent of Stem Cell therapy, baldness is no longer a threat.


This is common scalp therapy for a hair re-growth, particularly the individuals suffering from the genetic hair loss.

Causes of Hair loss disorders 

Alopecia is the serious occurrence of balding and it normally affects members of similar genders, which result in a large volume of hair loss. It is a severe issue that not only encourages the hair fall out especially when it’s washed or during combing but also lowers self-esteem and confidence.

This issues can make someone feel uncomfortable especially while interacting with other people and general conduct in the entire aspect of a lifetime. The main problem with balding is the focusing area of the air.

Balding not only will prevent you from your attaining your professional and personal potential but also separate you from others due to potentially damaging habit changes. However, Stem cell for hair regrowth therapy should not be applied to all balding but only some, else it can change into something negative.

 How Stem Cell Treatment Works

Stem Cell for Hair regrowth is an actual prospect for all people and the first procedure is to fetch stem cells from a small point on the scalp. It is a painless and gentle process. The stem cells can be found on the tissue of a scalp, with its main purpose is to replace dead or damaged cells.

The doctor will use a microscope to examine the scalp before he/she starts harvesting follicles of the hair to get a prized stem cell that will eventually be used during stem cell treatment for hair loss.

A higher sophisticated machine will then be used to process stem cell so as to create stem cell concentration for hair loss. It will then injected into a balding area that has been affected catalyze the regrowth of thickness new hair.

 Since it is a natural process that uses stem cells to harvest hair from the body, the higher the quality and quantity of concentration will greatly help in generating the affected follicle by hormones changes, ageing, general stress and the environmental factors.

Someone that has already undergone stem cell for hair regrowth is instructed to return back for the checkup session at least two weeks after the initiation of the procedure. Primer Clinic doctors will examine the procedures so as to ensure that a stem therapy is working appropriately as has intended. However, the result might vary depending on someone.

What Can You Do To Ease Back Pain

People are complaining mostly of one thing: Back pain.

Heavy lifting or a sudden awkward movement can strain back muscles and spinal ligaments as to which causes your back to ache. While these things are pretty normal to cope with work, or with everyday chores. That’s why it’s no wonder why most people are having it, though not to the same extent and pain.

Also, back pain is also present when you are already getting older. However, back pain might not seem normal for those who are still young and strong. To make sure that you get rid of the back pain you must ensure that you are doing the right remedies to relieve it.

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Let’s start today’s blog post by going over these top 6 remedies in relieving back pain.

Remedies to Relieve Back Pain

Having back pain literally just shuts you off from doing a lot of work and tasks for the day. It basically drains your energy and feels like taking the rest for the day. While it’s true that taking a good rest should be one of the things that you should do in relieving back pain, but it is not just that.

Here are a few remedies to relieve your back pain.

1 Limit your bed rest. This may seem like a joke, but yes, having a lot of bed rest can add to the pain you are feeling on your back. Best to limit your bed rest and stay active for the day to get those limbs and muscles active.

2 Keep your regular exercise. Don’t ever skip exercise when you are having a back pain. Basically, when you keep on moving and active, it lowers the pain and aches you are feeling at the back. The more you exercise too helps in getting your posture back thus eliminating your back pain.

3 Maintain a good posture. Yes, you may feel a bit sore and pain at your back but still, it is best to maintain your posture through it. Don’t slouch, keep your back straight. Ideally, keeping your posture in good shape takes pressure away from your nerves and thus slowly eliminates the pain on your back.

4 ditch the brace. It is best to not use brace or back extender to keep your posture. This will only let you depend as you use it. Best to discipline yourself to keep your posture good and maintain it.

5 See a specialist. Ideally seeing a specialist can do better at helping you in what better ways you can do to help you sort out your back pain. There is back pain that has already been building up through the years, but only a few small mistakes trigger them to attack. A specialist can better assist you in how you can pull off those pain pressures for you to get back on track again.

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