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Tips for Protecting Your Feet as a Bartender

If you work as a bartender, you probably work a lot harder during each shift than your average person realizes. Working behind a bar might be fun, but your job isn’t just fun and games; instead, it can be tough on your body, especially your feet. You don’t have to change careers to take good care of yourself, though. Instead, consider these tips for protecting your feet from pain and injury.

Wear the Right Shoes

One big thing that you can control yourself that can have a big impact on the health of your feet is to wear the right shoes to work. You might like wearing high heels or other fancy shoes while you’re on the job so that you can look your best. However, wearing the wrong shoes for your entire shift, particularly if you do it day after day, is not good for your feet. Switching over to wearing good-quality work shoes can make a big difference in your comfort and can help you protect your feet. Also, if you choose work shoes with non-slip bottoms, you can protect yourself from slipping and falling, too.

Take Breaks

When the bar is packed and a dozen people all want you to get them their drink right away, the idea of taking a break might seem ridiculous. When you get a slow moment and can get off of your feet, though, you should if you can. Sitting down when cutting up fresh fruit garnishes or counting down your till can help you give your feet a much-needed break in the middle of a long shift.

See a Doctor

Before your foot problems get too serious, see a foot and ankle specialist Pittsburgh PA. A specialist can help you with keeping your feet healthy and getting rid of any pain that you might be dealing with.

Having foot problems is common for those who work in the bartending industry. Taking action now to protect your feet can help, though.

The Benefits of Using Vegan Facial Moisturizer

It’s essential for us to apply a moisturizing face lotion especially when we become older. The healthiest facial moisturizer that you can have is one that is a certified vegan hemp moisturizing lotion. It’s lightweight and extra nourishing. You can find the cream of this type which contains the full spectrum of hemp oil and also Korean herbs namely goji berry, peony, and Schisandra. They are known to be rich in anti-aging properties that can aid in restoring the glow of your skin. It can also help prevent the signs of aging, offer intense hydration, and also help protect against all types of environmental stress and damage. A facial skin moisturizer like this can correct all kinds of skin imbalances.

There are reasons why it’s good to use hemp facial moisturizing lotion. The following are some of the best ones:

Essential Fatty Acid Content

It’s equally necessary to take care of your inside as that of your outside. This means that when it comes to your facial moisturizer, you have to find the best ingredients that will give you the highest results. Hemp lotion has all the essential fatty acids that the human body needs for health, yet the body is not capable of synthesizing. Hemp lotion contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 (Gamma Linolenic acid). These are found in fish oil.

When applied on the skin, it can help to bolster its suppleness. It also contains amino acids which are essential for collagen and elastin. In short, it enables you to retain moisture while preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Vitamin and Mineral Content

Hemp seeds are known for its phytonutrient content such as vitamin B1 which is rich in anti-aging properties and vitamin D which is rich in elasticity, reduces facial lines, and minimizes dark spots. Vitamin E helps to prevent dryness and enhances the skin’s defense from the sun, calcium aids in the skin growth and regeneration while iron, on the other hand, reduces paleness and dark circles on one’s eyes, and many others.

Painful Skin Conditions

Psoriasis and eczema are known to be painful and itchy skin conditions. Psoriasis occurs when the skin grows fast and divides faster than the average rate. It’s hemp oil that helps to reduce this process of regrowth. Hemp also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help in calming the conditions.

Organic and Vegan

There is a growing trend in buying organic and cruelty-free items. It may sound trendy, but there is a science in all these decisions. It can give you clearer skin since people’s skin may react negatively to products that have non-organic ingredients. The Vegan moisturizing lotion has more hemp oil in their ingredients which make the skin softer. The non-organic ones may also contain drying agents in their composition.


Many countries have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. Hemp, on the other hand, has always been legal. The difference is that hemp is bred solely for use in construction, clothing, rope, oils, nutritional benefits, and topical ointments. There is a steady increase in the number of purposes for growing hemp nowadays.