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Travel Doctor’s Advice – Contents of Your Medical Travel Kits

Travel Doctor's Advice - Contents of Your Medical Travel Kits

Medical travel kits are necessary, especially if you are planning a trip abroad or adventures such as skiing, hiking, hiking, mountaineering, cycling, rafting or diving.

There are literally so many different types of medications to choose from, and the supplies you will need will be different, depending on the destination and type of vacation. For example, people traveling in an exclusive European 5-star resort will need fewer medications than people who are going to climb mountains in a developing country, and would like to snorkel or climb mountains.

Ideally, the content of your medical supplies can meet any emergency situation that may arise as a result of your adventures, as well as any medical condition you may have personally. It is best to consult with your travel doctor near me about the contents of your medical travel kit.

As a general rule, if you travel to an endemic region of malaria, bring antimalarial drugs to prevent them. If you plan to go mountaineering or hike to the highlands, take medication to prevent or treat altitude sickness.

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As a precaution for pain or fever, you can take acetaminophen, aspirin (not for children) or ibuprofen.

For an upset stomach or diarrhea, you will need antidiarrheal medications (such as lope amide or bismuth subsalicylate), an antibiotic for self-medication, moderate to severe diarrhea; oral rehydration bags (ORS), a weak laxative, and antacid.

Treatments for respiratory symptoms include an antihistamine, a decongestant (used alone or in combination with an antihistamine), a cough suppressant / expectorant and pharynx.

For your convenience, take medication for motion sickness during the trip.

Adhesive dressings, adhesive tape, gauze, elastic bandage and stretch, cotton swabs and antiseptic solutions are some of the necessary elements in a first aid kit from Travel Doctor Melbourne. Other important items are insect repellents, especially if you travel to an endemic region of malaria or travel through the jungle. A SPF sunscreen bottle of 15 or more is useful to prevent sunburn.

Why Foot Care is for Everyone

Why Foot Care is for Everyone

It’s ironic how much we use our feet every day yet care for it the least. Another misconception is that foot care is limited to rich people and women. That is not the case since every one of us should care about our feet since we use it the most every day. Foot care doesn’t have to be fancy.

Here are some of the simple ways to take care of your feet:

Picking out the best shoes

Aside from being considered a societal norm, wearing shoes also help in protecting your feet from different surfaces you walk through every day. It is only proper that you pick out footwear that fits well and is comfortable enough, since putting shoe fashion over comfort may lead to abuse of your foot.

Not only the size should be considered in picking out the footwear, but also the support it is providing. Its support on your feet should be appropriate depending on the situation.

Bathing Your Foot Properly

This may be done while you are showering. It keeps your feet hydrated and softens your nails, preventing cracked heels and ingrown toenails. It also reduces the buildup bacteria that may lead to diseases like athlete’s foot.

For most people, something as simple as daily showers may be enough in hydrating their foot. However, for some whose feet are enclosed in shoes and socks all day or wears heels often, a proper foot soak or spa may be able to undo some damage. So, try visiting a foot clinic to get them checked.

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Walking Barefoot

Walking barefoot is not just for hippies anymore. As unlikely as it may seem, walking barefoot actually has health benefits. Electrons present in the soil and grass enter your body through the soles and helps you sleep at night and reduce pain.

The stress you inflict on your foot daily can also be reduced. Some people even take it a step further by doing yoga barefoot on the ground and amplify its benefits.

Wearing the Right Socks

The shoes you wear are not the only ones who are directly affecting the state of your foot. The quality of socks you wear also matters. Your socks must be well-fit because of the presence of knobbly seams in your socks might result in unnecessary friction, damaging your skin. While looking for socks to fit, you must pay particular attention to the width of your foot and ankle.

Make sure to wear clean socks all the time. Using socks made out of cotton, wool, or bamboo is also advisable. There are also socks that are meant to be used for different sports or activities.

Although doing these may reduce your foot problems, visiting a podiatrist now and then is still advisable. For the best foot care, you may try contacting the best podiatrist in Melbourne. They will provide you with accurate care and diagnosis.


Foot care can be easy and straightforward. Everyone must do it since we all benefit from using our feet. Proper care for it has many health benefits that we could all use.