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How to Find the Best Thai Restaurant in Singapore

Singapore is known to be a catch basin of Southeast Asian cuisines, and this is mainly because it is situated in the heart of the region. It is also where the different cultures come together for various reasons, making the city-state diverse in its own right.

One of the cultures that is growing in terms of prominence in the country is Thai. Thai culture is seen in various aspects, most especially in food. Thus, it would be common for you to stumble upon a Thai diner in the neighbourhood; it’s not just to cater to the tastes of Thais in the country, but also to introduce the said cuisine to the rest of the world.

But how do you know if you’re eating at the best Thai restaurant in Singapore? Here are a few tips:

  1. The resto serves Pad Thai.

Pad Thai is probably the flagship dish of Thai cuisine. This noodle dish is sweet and savoury, and incorporates the flavours of meat, vegetables, and citrus zest, and peanuts, making it totally unique. Pad Thai comes in different variants, but each variant offers the same zesty taste.

Thai Restaurant

It is very important that the restaurant you visit provides an array of Pad Thai variants, as this is indicates that the establishment knows how to cook the said dish with authenticity. You also get to see how versatile the cooks in the restaurant can be, and this shows that they have the heart in cooking Thai food.

  1. The resto serves Tom Yum.

Another flagship Thai dish that needs to be in every restaurant is Tom Yum. This sweet and sour soup gives anyone a filled and satisfied feeling, and it is best served hot. This dish may be comprised of chicken and seafood, and is infused with various flavours, such as lemongrass, lemon zest, and sometimes tamarind.

Tom Yum is a favourite dish because it is a great appetizer and the soup base itself is already enough to awaken the senses. You feel more awake and eager to enjoy your meal more once you have finished your bowl of Tom Yum.

  1. Coconut is used in most dishes.

One thing that makes Thai food totally distinct is its use of coconut on almost every dish on its menu. If you are going to check the best Thai restaurants in the area, the ones to be shortlisted should be those that include dishes that are made of coconut, otherwise you cannot say it’s authentic Thai dining.

You should stumble upon at least one dish that makes use of coconut cream, such as the spicy coconut soup, or coconut milk and water in the dessert list.

While it is not an imperative to use coconut in every dish, you should at least see how the restaurant utilizes the said ingredient on its meals, and this is for one solid reason: coconut is a staple in Thai cooking.

  1. There’s curry in all colours.

Lastly, if you are really looking for the best Thai restaurant in Singapore, the one to top your list should have a variety of curries on their menu-i.e. curries of different colours. This is because in Thai cooking, curry is not served in its most common colour-yellow, alone. You can actually choose for a curry variant that comes in a different colour, and with that comes a different level of spice.

In case you don’t know yet, yellow curry tends to be the mildest in terms of spice levels, while red is a combination of sweet and spicy. If you’re up for the really strong flavour, then go for the green kind.

Top Reasons to Go for Halal Food Catering

Halal food has already established itself as a cuisine of its own, despite the fact that it is just a practice of the followers of Muslim faith. It can be interesting to try out Halal dishes every once in a while, though, since its cooks have a different way of preparing, cooking, and serving the food they make.

But how about serving Halal dishes in a big event? If you are planning to throw a party or a celebration, then you might as well go for Halal food. It has its own benefits that you do not immediately recognize, and serving it to a large crowd would make you see its perks firsthand. Besides, there is a growing number of restaurants that focus on Halal catering in Singapore, thus you should take advantage of these.

So why exactly should you go for Halal catering?

  1. You have Muslim guests coming.

If there’s one thing you have to understand and respect about Muslims, it’s that they are meticulous when it comes to the food they eat, and as much as possible their dishes should not be placed anywhere near those that have pork or alcohol in them. And since you are hosting a party, it is downright important that you provide an inclusive environment for your guests.

By opting for halal catering, you not only provide a safer environment for your Muslim friends to eat, but as well create an avenue for the non-Muslim guests to learn more about halal food without feeling awkward or displaced.

  1. Majority of your guests do not eat pork.

People often think that life without pork is sad, as pork is a totally delicious and flavourful meat in its own unique way. However, what if your guests do not eat pork?

Well, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to vegetables and chicken. By going for a halal catering service, you are introduced to various dishes that are flavourful enough but do not use pork in their ingredients. These include beef, chicken, seafood, fish, and lamb, as well as veggie meat in case you opt for meat alternatives.


  1. You want to experience world flavours.

Did you know that Halal cooking does not necessarily pertain to Arabic cooking alone? In fact, Halal cooking covers every type of regional cooking, including Italian, American, and Chinese cuisines, provided that Halal guidelines are followed.

Yes, you can actually host a wide array of dishes that represent different countries during your event provided that all their ingredients and manner of cooking are halal. If you want to be more authentic however, you may go for dishes that represent countries that practice Islam, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Middle East, and some parts of Africa.

  1. You want to serve healthier dishes during the event.

It is a common stereotype for people to think that party food should be flavourful (and with that said, be infused with ingredients such as pork and alcohol). But you need not sacrifice great taste for nutritional value, and in this light you may go for Halal catering.

Halal cooking is relatively much healthier compared to regular cooking, as the cooks are picky when it comes to the ingredients they use. They have to make sure that the ingredients they use are fresh, have complied with Halal standards, and are not yet infused with preservatives.

If in case you want to go for Halal food on your next party, then you may want to check out Halal catering in Singapore as early as possible. This way you are able to make your reservations ahead of schedule and lay down your needs for your upcoming event with the least possible hassle when it comes to food.