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Fundamentals of repair of dental hand pieces

Today we are going to talk about the repair of dental tips. The repair of a high speed drill includes the replacement of the bearings and the sealing rings in the turbine. Thorough cleaning is also necessary to eliminate corrosion caused by the autoclave.

After removing the back cover and removing the turbine from the head, the sealing rings are removed and the back cover and cover are completely clean. If washers are used in the design of the tip, they are also removed and cleaned.

The turbine is built with a cartridge that you put in your burrs.

The cartridge can be a push or friction lever. The cartridge also acts as an axis to install the impeller and bearings. The O-rings are located on the head and on the back of the tip.

dental handpiece repair

The impeller is mounted in the center of the cartridge. The location of the impeller is very important and requires precise measurements to determine the correct location. The bearings are located on each end of the impeller in the mandrel. All these pieces are pressed for gazebos.

After assembly, the bearings should be lubricated with oil designed specifically for high speed bearings. It is important to keep in mind that some bearings do not require lubrication. The ceramic bearings are an example. Talk to your service provider to discuss the best bearings for the dental handpiece repair.

After completing this procedure, the restored turbine is ready to be reinstalled in the head of the tip, which we just cleaned. Simply insert the turbine in its place and screw the back cover on the head. If the repair of the dental handpiece is done correctly, the handpiece will work like new.

As for maintenance, two or three drops of oil should be placed in the air hole in the bottom of the tip. Perform this task in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. However, in most cases, the lubricant must be after the autoclave. When lubricating your handpiece, make sure it runs for thirty or forty seconds to make sure that the bearings are fully lubricated and that excess oil is expelled from the handpiece.


You can remember that before autoclaving, you should clean the tip to eliminate any organic matter that can corrode the tip. Also, do not forget the fiber optic, since organic and other materials can adhere to the lens during the autoclave and reduce function. A soft bristle brush and warm water are all you need. Do not use detergents or soap, as they can damage the optics. The soap can also penetrate the bearings and reduce lubrication, which reduces the life of your dental handpiece.

Dental Treatment Savings Tips

Do you hate going to the dentist? If you do, you are not alone. For one reason or another, most people hate going to the dentist. The most common reason is the anxiety they experience while sitting in the chair with a person hovering over them with their hand in their mouth. This is understandable, but it is something that everyone who wants to be healthy must undergo.

Another reason people shy away from dental work is the cost. It is true that, even with insurance, dental care can come with a huge bill. Insurance can help soften that blow, but will only pay out so much annually and doesn’t cover some procedures like cosmetic dentistry.

If you are in need of dental care and want to spend as little as possible, follow these dental money-savings tips.

Ways to Save Money at the Dentist – Dental Discount Plans – If your employer doesn’t provide dental care, look into dental discount plans. These act similarly to a wholesale-retail membership. You pay a monthly or annual fee and, in exchange, you get a discount on every dental procedure offered by the dental facility. Before visiting a dentist, ensure that they are covered by your dental discount plan. – Check Prices – There is a tool online called the FAIR Health’s Cost Lookup Tool. Before undergoing treatment. It displays the usual cost for all out of pocket health services in your area. – Ask for a Cash Discount – Many dentists will give you a discount if you pay in cash or pay them all at once. Dentists want to help you as much as they want to make money, so don’t be afraid to ask for a discount if it is the difference between you getting the treatment or not. Some people have even gotten discounts on services for teeth whitening teeth whitening arlington heights il perform. – Dental Students – Dental Schools often offer treatment to people via their final-year students at a reduced price. For those leery of this, you should know that all procedures are closely monitored by an experienced dentist.

Following these tips will go a long way towards helping you save money on your dental care. Before agreeing to any treatment, ensure your dentist is covered under your insurance plan.