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How to strengthen the valves of heart

Your heart has four valves that pump oxygen and blood into it. When it works properly, the heart valves have flaps that open and close completely to leave the proper amount of blood to the heart. However, their values ​​do not always work as they should. For example, if one of the valves does not close properly, it can lead to blood regurgitation. Factors such as age, birth defects, rheumatic fever and other infections can weaken the valves of the heart and prevent blood from flowing properly.Click here to learn cpr online.

Better lifestyle

You must implement a heart-healthy lifestyle. This includes eating a healthy diet, exercising at least five days a week for 30 minutes, not smoking and limiting your alcohol consumption. A heart-healthy diet includes 4.5 pieces of fruits and vegetables a day, eat fish and whole grains rich in fiber, and limit your sodium intake and sugar-sweetened beverages. The exercise that strengthens the heart is aerobic activity, such as walking, jogging, swimming or cycling. If you have weak heart valves, it is also important to see your doctor regularly.Visit this site to learn cpr online.

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Reduce the risk of getting rheumatic fever

This is an infection that leads to weakening the valves. Rheumatic fever comes from a bacterial infection, such as strep throat. If you have any symptoms of strep throat, such as a sore throat, difficulty swallowing, fever, or any other bacterial infection, see your doctor immediately. Bacterial infections should be diagnosed in time to reduce long-term effects.

Talk to your doctor about medications that can help strengthen heart valves. For example, diuretics help reduce salt and fluid levels in your body. This reduces inflammation and the workload put on the heart and its valves. Beta-blockers control your heart rate and blood pressure. But, do not take any medicine without consulting a doctor. Only a doctor knows better about the medication a patient should take.


Undergo surgery if your symptoms are severe. During surgery, the valves can be repaired or replaced. Repair can be through the elimination of calcium deposits. The replacement of the valves, includes putting a prosthetic valve instead of the old one. Surgery is the last step and should not be taken lightly.


Get tested to see the condition of the valves. This may include an echocardiogram, which evaluates the function of the valves.

Symptoms of weak valves, according to the American Heart Association, include difficulty breathing, fatigue, chest pain, restlessness and rapid pulse. You may have other symptoms so it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Go to visit your cardiologist if you want to perform any medical check-up in the heart.

Valid reasons to intake pasta

Valid reasons to intake pasta

Pasta is one of the highly preferred foods in current trend. In spite of the popularity of this food, some people don’t have better reasons for taking pasta. They consider it to be unhealthy for their diet. But it is to be noted that there are various reasons which can be stated for why pasta can be added to the routine diet. This article is about some of those reasons.

Health benefits

The people who consider pasta as an unhealthy food must make sure to get rid of their opinion without any constraint. This is because the pasta which is made from good nutritional ingredients like whole grains are highly good for health. They can help in improving the diet. This food holds several benefits which include weight loss, improved cardiac health, blood pressure maintenance, leveling the blood sugar level and many other health benefits. Thus, the people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle can add pasta to their diet as this will not affect their health in any way.

rigatoni pasta

Easy to cook

As we all know, our lifestyle in current trend is very fast. We are supposed to handle everything within short time span. And this also includes the preparation of food. People don’t have enough time to stand and cook in the kitchen for a long time. And the other important thing is they may be in need of good nutritional food after returning from work. While considering these factors, pasta can be considered to be the best option. Pasta can be cooked within ten minutes. One or two minutes may get added depending upon the ingredients used for making it.

Higher shelf life

Obviously the shelf life of pasta is higher than the other routine foods. The people who are not in need of the whole pack to be cooked in one day can preserve it in their shelf without any constraint. Opening the pack or storing them again will not affect the quality of pasta at any extent. The only thing is they should be stored in the clean and dry container.


Pasta is not only the tasty and nutritional food but this is also the affordable food that everyone can afford it easily. The pasta is available in many different ranges depending upon the main ingredients. However, all among them are considered to be affordable for all the people.

Apart from these, there are several reasons which can be stated for why pasta can be added to the diet. But in spite of these reasons one must remember to use the pasta which is good in quality. The rigatoni pasta can be the right choice as they have all the nutritional value needed for a healthy lifestyle.