Tone your buttocks with these simple exercises

Although one may deny saying that looks are not a big deal, it is not the case. How one looks from the front as well as the back matters a lot in many different places. Also, the way one looks from the back can make or break the self-esteem and confidence of a person. To be confident about one’s own body, it is good to not have sagging buttocks. And achieving that look is not a cake walk. Exercises are the solution. But not all exercises can help achieve the results. Hence it is necessary to know What Exercises Lift Your Buttocks.

How to achieve results?

The buttocks depends on three muscles and they are,

  1. Gluteus maximus
  2. Gluteus medius
  3. Gluteus minimus

Sometimes, people do not even know how exercises actually work. Sagging buttocks are a result of unhealthy lifestyle while exercises lift the muscles making the buttocks look thicker and firmer.a weight loss breakfast

Exercises that tone the buttocks:

It is important to realise that magic three-minute routines advertised on the internet do no work at all and that they are a hoax. To get the best results, it is imperative to know What Exercises Lift Your Buttocks and how to do it to get the enviable buttocks everyone desires.

  • Squats: They are the go-to routines of many fitness professionals. Perhaps, the best one is the pilȅ squats and the right way to do that is to spread the legs shoulder width apart and go down as low as possible while keeping the back straight. It is a good idea to use weights or suspended weights to increase the intensity of the workout.
  • Lunges: There are a lot of variations in lunges also. But the most effective of them all are the pulse lunges. To do this exercise, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and lunge forward with one knee. It is important to maintain the forward knee at a 90⁰ angle. Throughout the set, it is necessary to pull in the abs and keep a flat stomach to reap the benefits
  • Stiff legged dead lift: This exercise is great for your gluteus, triceps as well as your thigh. To perform this exercise, pick up the dead lifts and bend forward while maintaining a straight back.
  • Lying hip raises: For this exercise, lay on top of a mat and raise your hips while having the feet and hands on the ground. Doing so tones the buttocks as well as the thigh and makes the core muscles work harder.
  • Single leg glute bridge raises: To do this exercise lay on the mat and keep one foot on the ground and lift the other up in the air. While doing this it is important to ensure that hips are in the air.

All the above exercises are good not only for the buttocks but also the thighs. At the end, the entire leg looks stunning. However, perseverance is very important.


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